Our Catalog is live

Our entire listing of parts is online. To search for a part by category (vehicle type or type of component), pull down an option under "Component" on the search bar on the left column of the screen and press "search."

If you want to locate a specific part, type the part number or the description and search that way.

Having trouble locating your part? Try some of these tips:

  • Do not enter anything under "Description" or "Component" if you have a part number. The more search criteria you enter, the narrower the search is.
  • Follow these part number formats for these part number types:
    •  Gillig numbers: XX-XXXXX-XXX (ex.) 53-02222-076 Always include leading zeroes.
    • Prevost numbers: Always omit the dash between the second and third digits. 506612 would work; 50-6612 will not.
    • Flxible numbers:  Try one of the two formats: XX-XXXX-XXXXX (ex.) 97-1003-00028 XXXX-XXXX-XXX (ex.) 0780-0110-001.
    • MCI numbers:   (ex.) 15G-2-4 (ex.) 12-05-1004
    • Meritor (Rockwell) numbers: Use dashes only when separating numbers from numbers. (ex.) A1-3121Q1421S (NOT) A1-3121-Q-1421-S

For any other part number questions, call us at (800) 323-7652.


All manufacturers’ names, numbers and descriptions are used for cross-reference purposes and do not necessarily imply the part listed is the product of any given manufacturer.